Lost Sea’s underground sleepover

04/01/2012  |  Lisa McClung
Field Trip Destination

The Lost Sea is America’s largest underground lake. Open daily except Christmas day. Commercial tours lasting about one and one-half hours are given daily every 20 minutes. But if you are looking for something a little more adventurous — experience the overnight “Wild Cave Tour.”

Spending the night in a cave is something that most people cannot say they have ever done but when you think about the conditions it is the ideal place. The temperature remains a constant 58 degrees; you don’t have to worry about rain or any other bad weather because you are underground where it is always dry.

The Lost Sea caverns are very unique. Most of the rooms throughout the cave are large enough to hold a two story building. The Lost Sea actually covers a surface area of four and one-half acres and that is only one room of the caverns.

If you are up for this overnight adventure it all starts with some caving, crawling and getting dirtier than you have ever imagined.

Once the tour begins you will follow your tour guide through areas such as the Meat Grinder. This crawl is done on your side through a 40 inch opening where you pull with your arms while pushing with your feet. Bubble Gum Alley is an area where you walk through really sticky mud and climb over rocks to get out. Shake Rattle and Roll is done while lying on your side and rolling for about 45 feet. To get to the Eye of the Needle you will walk up a staircase around a 40 foot pit to an opening that you inch through while standing with your back pressed up against the cave wall. These are just a few of the crawls you might do on the Wild Cave Tour.

This high adventure tour is a favorite among Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. There is even a patch available after you complete the entire tour. The Wild Cave Tour is also available anytime during the day for those who do not wish to spend the night. A minimum of 12 people are required with advance reservations.

The Lost Sea Adventure is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Visit www.thelostsea.com.

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