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11/27/2011  | 
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While all over the nation events commemorating the American Civil War have abounded over the past two years, nothing compares to the activities planned in Corinth, Mississippi, and Shiloh, Tennessee, for Spring 2012 ... the actual 150th Anniversary of both the Battle of Shiloh and the Siege of Corinth.

Begin the journey at the Corinth Civil War Relic Show on March 3 and 4. A wide variety of Civil War items willed be displayed, and experts are available to identify and appraise relics such as guns, buttons, buckles, knives and paper items.

Noted Antiques Roadshow appraiser, Rafael Elledge, will be on-site with his collection; and C&D Jarnagin Company, a local Civil War and Revolutionary War reproduction outfitter, whose work has been featured in major motion pictures and on Broadway, will have items on display and for sale as well.

During the last weekend in March, events commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh begin. On March 28 and 29, approximately 150 Confederate reenactors will follow in the footsteps of history by making the trek from Corinth to Shiloh on the same path as the soldiers did in 1862. On Wednesday evening, the camp, located near the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center, will be open for tours. In the early morning of March 29, folks can share breakfast — for a small donation to the local museum — with troops before they embark on the march. Around 8 a.m., witness the pageantry of the Confederate soldiers beginning their arduous journey to Shiloh, where a national reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh will take place on March 30 and April 1 just steps from the actual battlefield site. It must be noted, too, that the National Park Service will offer special programs on the Shiloh National Military Park throughout the month and all entry fees have been waved.

April also brings to Corinth Theatre Arts the resurrection of their 1960s hit play, “On Shiloh Hill.” The time is now, but the scene is a mythical American attic. In this attic, using live music, images and memories of the past, CTA players guided by a troubadour, will become the long departed spirits of those who endured the American Civil War. The players will make their own scenes and music by gathering props and costumes from chests and rafters in the attic. The prose has been taken directly from letters, memoirs and diaries of the period. The play runs from April 13-15.

Finally, in April, visitors can take a true journey with a costumed-guide. Two different tours of varying lengths will be offered. Each Tuesday evening, a Downtown Tour will give visitors a chance to hear stories of the people and events that shaped the history in this crossroads town. Beginning at the Historic Corinth Depot, the tour is a moderate one-mile walk with a special stop at the “closed to the public” Verandah/Curlee House, where Special Order Number 8 was written giving the Confederates the order to attack Pittsburg Landing resulting in the Battle of Shiloh. A more intensive three-mile walk will be offered on Sunday afternoons in April as well. The costumed guide will highlight pivotal Civil War sites in Corinth beginning with Battery Robinett, which is adjacent to the Corinth Civil War Interpretive Center.

With all there is to do and see in the Corinth and Shiloh areas, April 2012 promises to be as busy as April 1862 without the struggle and heartbreak!

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