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11/27/2011  | 
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Everyone understands that an education is a passport for success. In recent economic times, it’s very difficult to find a steady job, and even harder to find one if you didn’t graduate from college or high school. Many working adults are registering for adult education programs because they understand the value of a quality education. Enrolled college students are partaking in internships because hands-on experience is vital for young people entering into the work force.

Practical experience is one of the best ways to build upon a quality education. Young students can acquire a better understanding of what they are taught if they see the real life application. A good way to relate classroom work to everyday life is by going on a field trip. Not only are they fun, but they can also help make a mundane subject more interesting.

A unique place for a field trip or group outing is the NASCAR Hall of Fame, located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The 150,000 square-foot facility is an interactive, entertainment attraction honoring the history and heritage of NASCAR, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. The facility is designed to educate and entertain race fans and non-race fans alike. There are more than 50 hands-on exhibits, such as the iRacing simulators and pit stop challenge, video touch screens and authentic artifacts which allow for friendly competition, learning and team building among students, friends and other guests.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame can provide educational learning packets to all students who attend a field trip. These packets are geared towards students in grades three through eight and can connect state and national learning standards to math, science and social studies. Students can apply these subjects to different aspects of NASCAR racing.

Social Studies

The Hall of Fame has irreplaceable artifacts documenting this unique American sport. As students walk up the Sunoco Glory Road, they can see the evolution of racecars through the decades. It also gives students the opportunity to see how the American auto industry paralleled the rise of NASCAR. The exhibits will give students a visual timeline of the 20th century in the United States.


When a student visits the NASCAR Hall of Fame, they will be given a lesson packet that focuses on the math of the sport. At the NASCAR Sprint Cup Points Wall in Food Lion Race Week, students can review graphs and data analysis to understand the points system and distribution of funds. They will understand measurable attributes of objects and the units, systems and processes of measurement. Next, students can apply appropriate techniques, tools and formulas to determine measurements. After their visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, students can plot graphs of the data to understand how points and money are distributed to drivers depending on their finishing position.


As students walk into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, they will first notice the Sunoco Glory Road. It is one of the prominent displays and will give students a better understanding of the science involved in racing. They can experience the varying degrees of banking at different racetracks. Students can further understand how banking can impact the speed and centripetal force of a racecar.

Also on Glory Road are samples of different track surfaces. Students will understand the relationship between friction, tires and the track surface.

Practical experience is one of the most useful tools a student can have. It will allow them to have a better understanding of subjects they are taught day-to-day. History, math, and science are essential foundations to every child’s education. The NASCAR Hall of Fame can help provide these essential foundations providing resources and hands-on, learning opportunities for students and educators alike.

Lesson Packets are available for download at All packets connect to state and national learning standards.

For more information about the NASCAR Hall of Fame please visit or call (704) 654-4400. To book a field trip, contact Teresa Robertson, Education and Civic Group Sales Manager at 704.654.4437 or [email protected].
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