Come see what waits beneath the surface in Tennessee

08/09/2011  | 
Field Trip Destination

Discover Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee’s largest show cave and a U.S. National Natural Landmark.

The cave displays some of the largest underground rooms and most spectacular formations in America.

Since its original discovery in 1810, many visitors have rediscovered the Cumberland Caverns for themselves. It’s a great vacation stop or day-trip destination. Come discover the history, beauty, and “Wow!” of Cumberland Caverns.

Discover history

The daily scenic walking tour features a historic 1812 saltpeter mine. Hear how this essential ingredient for gun powder was mined here during the War of 1812 and the Civil War

You will relive history as you view historic saltpeter mining artifacts, and incredible formations as you enter Cumberland Caverns.

Discover Natural Beauty

Take a scenic walking tour of the caverns, a spectacular one and a half mile tour that allows you to view a beautiful waterfall and gleaming pools. The natural beauty of large rooms and unique formations will amaze you and your family.

All of this at a pleasant constant temperature of 56 degrees.

Discover “Wow!”

The Underground Ballroom features a unique and beautiful three-fourth-ton crystal chandelier. The Chandelier was originally installed in 1928 in the Loews Metropolitan Theatre in Brooklyn , NY. We were lucky enough to rescue it when the theatre was being renovated. It now hangs in one of our largest rooms, the Volcano Room. The Volcano Room is often used for meetings, banquets, and we have even had weddings there. The Chandelier itself is 15’ tall and 8.5’ wide. It contains 150 various color bulbs and countless hand cut crystals.

Every tour also is highlighted by the original underground pageant of light and sound, “God of the Mountain,” an awe-inspiring retelling of the creation.

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