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08/09/2011  | 
Product Spotlight

Book Jam

Now you can teach the Common Core State Standards using popular, engaging, and classic Young Adult books like Twilight, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. BookJam’s standards-based lessons and innovative, accessible tech activities will help raise test scores and confidence in your classroom. This program was created by an award-winning teacher with real classrooms in mind.

Riverside Balanced Assessment Suite

The Riverside Balanced Assessment Suite from Riverside is a balanced assessment solution consisting of a Fall or Spring summative assessment followed by Interim and Formative assessments throughout the year to gauge progress via multiple data points. This innovative solution delivers critical, high-quality Riverside assessments and reports in one place to give you a convenient, cost-effective way to assess students, obtain results, tailor instruction, and re-assess to determine progress and mastery. Use this immensely powerful suite of tools to help turn your data into successful learning strategies.

DataDirector™ and Assess2Know®

DataDirector™ is an innovative, online data and assessment management system that provides a powerful decision-support system and allows you to drive student achievement. Designed to help you improve K-12 student performance, DataDirector’s powerful, easy-to-use tools put your assessment data to work for you and the students you serve. DataDirector, combined with Assess2Know®, our high-quality item bank and assessments, helps you with district benchmark assessments and the transition to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy.

The Digital Frog 2.5

This hybrid CD-ROM and the electronic workbook materials can replace or supplement traditional frog dissection. Use it in the classroom, computer lab or for independent study. It’s a truly interactive and fun way to learn!

The comprehensive, interconnected modules teach all the major body systems with full-color photographs, full-motion video, narration, and detailed animations (including 3D). Human anatomy comparisons show how we differ from frogs.

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