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Collaboration project

At 10 years of age Sydnee Bush was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin’s disease, an aggressive form of cancer. She endured eight months of exhausting chemotherapy. During this time she used the power of expression and chronicled her life through poetry. Sydnee is now a published author, along with the rest of her classmates, through Studentreasures Publishing.

Elementary teacher Taylor Hoffman wanted to provide an opportunity for her students to get motivated to write, while teaching valuable life lessons. Each of her students at Ridgeview Elementary School contributed to a collaborative classbook. The students made pleas to the reader to take a stand, and create change. Ms. Hoffman used a unique approach to raise awareness among her students on what they can do daily to create change. According to one of her students, “Ms. Hoffman is outstanding to let us take this adventure to help different types of people and children, so I would like to thank her so much.” This class is using the power of expression to make a difference.

Benefits of a Publishing Program

Wendy Artzer is a third grade teacher at Ross Elementary School in Topeka, KS. She implemented the publishing program into her classroom. Artzer tells about the pride she feels towards her students.

“For the first time in 12 years of teaching, my students have become independent writers.” Her students participate in a writers block weekly. “For the first time I can specifically work with a small group of students without being interrupted with writing questions from the other students.”

What could your classroom do with this type publishing project? It’s easy to get started. You will be shipped a free kit. Set a Press Date. Let your students fill up those manuscript pages with their writings and illustrations. Send in the finished kit.We will send you your top-quality hardbound book, and that first hardbound book from your manuscript is free for the teacher. 

How’s it going to work in my classroom?”

Many teachers take their students through the Six Traits of Writing model. Others will choose to walk their students through Reading and Language Arts benchmarks. Often, students miss out on proofreading and editing in traditional writing assignments. Teachers have seen phenomenal results in these areas when their students are producing an actual book.

What is everyone writing about?

Here are titles from the top 10 entries:

When I Grow Up

Our Favorite Animals

All About Us

Our Favorite Things

Our Poetry Book

Kindergarten Memories

Our ABC Book

Studentreasures® is the leading edge, quality-focused student publisher committed to motivating students to learn to read and write through innovative student publishing opportunities. Contact Studentreasures at 800-867-2292 or at for more information on their free publishing programs.
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