Independent Schools - Winter 2010

11/19/2010  |  Charles Sosnik Editor in Chief
From the Editor

The theme of our winter issue is Independent Schools. I asked Jim McDaniel, Headmaster of the Linden Hill School in Northfield, MA to write a lead article that would make the case for Independent Schools. As Jim laid out his argument, I began to realize that there is much to be learned by public schools from the independent school model. The simple fact is, unless we quickly build about 100,000 new independent schools (give or take), independent schools will not be an option for all our kids. What is an option, however, is to take the tenets of the independent school experience and apply it to our own public schools.

For families that choose to take the independent school route, they’ll find some marvelous choices. A great place for them to start is by speaking to their school counselor. Another resource is the National Association of Independent Schools ( Still another is the International Educational Consultants Association ( It is important to remember that there are many financing options for families who want to take advantage of an independent school education. For more information, you’ll want to read Joanna Evens’ article Affording an Independent School Education.

I got a call recently from Meaghan Wims at Duffy & Shanley. She told me about a TV show on NBC called School Pride. It’s kind of a home makeover show for schools, with help for these schools coming from the private sector. I didn’t know this, but my friend Darryl Rosser (CEO of Sagus International) is involved, providing school furniture for a number of these school makeovers. What Darryl understands, and what more and more of us are learning, is that partnerships between private businesses and public schools (or even between public and private schools) is bringing great results for our children. In this issue, Darryl shares his experiences with the NBC show and with this very important process.

As I get older, I am learning to appreciate the collaborative process. When I was young, I was full of vim and vigor, and full-heartedly thought I could do it all by myself. On New Year’s Eve, I turn 50. Hopefully, with age comes some wisdom. And like me, many educators are also seeing the wisdom in collaboration. With this in mind, the theme of our spring issue is Collaborative Learning. There has never been a more important time in our history to pool our resources and share in the teaching and learning process. There has also never been a time in our history when technology has afforded us such an opportunity to do so. As this next issue approaches, I could use your help. If you would like to contribute an article to our Collaborative Learning issue, or if you have a suggestion please get in touch. I can be reached at, or call me at 704-568-7804. I hope to hear from you soon.


Charles Sosnik

Editor in Chief

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