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Create personalized experiences that encourage, excite, and build confidence in children with LeapFrog learning systems. Our products combine robust technology, curriculum and popular characters to create engaging experiences that make play and learning even more fun. 

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Active Parental Engagement Not Just a Trend

Parent engagement in the classroom is all the rage in the EdTech market. Most recently, the conversation in schools has shifted from, “we’re doing everything we can” to “what we’re doing isn’t working” and “how do we make it better?”

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Augmented Reality Creativity and Independent Thinking

Augmented Reality appears to have gone “mainstream” for the first time. Augmented reality superimposes information on our world through the use of technology. When I say mainstream, I am referring to the use of Augmentation in our modern world. Remember the video game, Pokémon? Millions of children — and adults — ran around their neighborhood looking for Pokémon characters. 

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Technology in the Classroom: One Person’s Point of View

Having spent my entire career in education, a career spanning nearly 50 years, I have seen many changes impacting how instruction is delivered. And in those 50 years, nothing has impacted change more than technology and the Internet. As with most change, there have been both positive and negative outcomes. But I acknowledge that whether a given change is positive or negative will often depend on one’s own perspective.

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