How do High Level Questions Increase Rigor if No One can Answer Them?

I thought it might be interesting to do an article about questioning using a series of questions to help teachers to raise the intellectual rigor in their classrooms.

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What are College Students Actually Paying For?

Every semester I speak with prospective and current students who wonder about the cost of college, and I frequently hear questions about why it is necessary to pay thousands of dollars for an education that they can get online or at the library for free. Each time I encounter these questions, legitimate as they are, I feel compelled to revisit the scene in the movie Good Will Hunting wherein the titular character, Will, berates a pompous bar patron for being unoriginal and, even more appalling, spending thousands of dollars on an education he could have just as easily received at his local library. 

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Championing Faculty Coming Together From a Distance

One Friday morning in early January I arrived at my university office expecting to smell coffee brewing and faculty chatting as they trickled in for a faculty meeting arranged by a program coordinator for the master’s program. Instead, the corridors were empty, and the only offices occupied were mine and the executive aides. I learned that due to impending weather for faculty who lived over an hour away from campus, faculty decided to move the meeting to an online gathering via Zoom and to use the collaborative platform Microsoft Teams. Our university had just purchased an institutional subscription to Zoom and recently moved to Microsoft Outlook which also gave faculty access to Microsoft Teams.

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Civic Learning A Matter of Equity

Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, John G. Roberts, Jr., closed out the 2010s and welcomed the 2020s with powerful words in his 2019 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary:

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