After a well-deserved summer break, educators are back to continue what, I believe, is truly a labor of love – that of teaching our children and preparing them for the rest of their lives. Each of us... Read More...

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Steps Toward a Successful Public Private Partnership

As a superintendent, I sat on one side of the desk reviewing vendors with a jaundice eye as I watched my budget and carefully chose where to put my pennies. As a private business owner, I sit on the ... Read More...

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The Courtship of Eagles

Jostens Renaissance is coming together, working together and staying together. From its inception, it has been emblematic of partnership. From our initial brainstorming sessions with Jostens, the o... Read More...

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The Missing ‘S’ of SEL: Because Social and Emotional Learning is Not Enough

I’ve been pushing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for decades. My version hadn’t acquired its own acronym but otherwise, I’ve been talking about the exact same concepts — but just about 30 years too ... Read More...

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Picture This! Engaging K-6 Students With Visuals

When children are very young, they often draw pictures on anything and everything. As adults, we cherish these drawings and are quick to hang them in a prominent place for all to see. However, our fo... Read More...

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The 21st century is placing great demands on our students and educational system. To meet those demands, we recognize that educating the head (cognitive domain), exclusive of the heart and hand (affe... Read More...

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Prosocial education and school climate reform policy and practice trends: Mobilizing the ‘whole village’ to support the ‘whole child’

There is growing policy; fiscal and practical support for prosocial educational and school climate improvement efforts from federal agencies, state departments of education and large and small distri... Read More...

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Classroom Management: Teachers’ Affective Styles

Nationally, schools are required to establish standards of appropriate behavior that promote a safe learning community. This assumes students are prepared to achieve, are receptive to authority, and ... Read More...

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