FROM THE EDITOR - Spring 2014

From stem to stern, education’s about the people. And as educators, we are in the people business. It’s not about the school. Or the classrooms. It’s not about the curriculum. Or the technology. It’s... Read More...

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Parents, Common Core, and Assessment

Just putting two of the three article topics together sounds like an explosion — parents and the Common Core or parents and assessment or assessment and Common Core. Putting all three together seems ... Read More...

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Transforming Staffulty

Dr. John F. McEwan, a friend and fellow Jostens Renaissance National Hall of Fame educator who passed away in May of last year, always opened his part of any presentation with a reminder for educator... Read More...

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Adding Common Sense Standards to Common Core

As I type this, estimates are that there have been more than 50 U.S. school shootings since the landmark tragedy at Columbine and at Sandy Hook, about a year and a half ago. It seems like a good time... Read More...

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Teacher Evaluations: The Conversation Has Changed

Teachers across the nation are being transformed into instructional leaders, in part due to the new evaluation methods being put into effect in multiple schools and districts. In the past three years... Read More...

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Closing Learning Gaps in STEM Digital and Curriculum Prospects

Can digital curriculum products close the gaps in academic performance in STEM subjects for female students and for African-American students in particular? Such a discussion should start with the ge... Read More...


Active Learning Through Project-based Learning

When I watched how a group of students from Danville High School presented the results of their water quality testing of three local parking lots to their school board, I was struck once again by how... Read More...

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Student Readiness to Achieve: Decreasing the Achievement Gap

 The implementation of national Common Core Standards is a major initiative to address the persistent achievement gap plaguing public schools across the country. While a noteworthy goal to improve st... Read More...

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